Audio Portal Follow Friday! (on a Friday! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

2017-09-15 21:17:24 by ZStriefel

This week was pretty dope for newgrounds, right? So much cool stuff being submitted, and starting to see some usernames pop up again I haven't seen in ages. Makes me really freaking happy. ON THAT NOTE:


Here's my recommend follow list this week:

@Mattashi - check out the track Saudade. Try not to groove to that, I freakn dare you.

@etherealwindsElysium is seriously like having a bunch of sexy night elves making love in your ear drums. Really freaking good.

@alphastorm73 - Gonna have to suggest Electrix V2. This'll get your head bop'n for sure.

@bojangies - Get ready for a sore neck. Bangers all over this dude's submission list. Latest Submission is what hooked me in. Check out Give Me Life.

@steelside - Dude's probably gonna be on the radio some day. Check out Make It Easy. Has a great vibe.

@Advertise-Play - You're gonna fall in love. Check out Interstellar Veteran. Awesome chiptunes.

@ZP789 - Lots of great stuff, but Gone has to be my favorite.

@Pitfall - Riding My Bike is gonna be stuck in my head forever in the best way. Love it.

@ritz190 - Badass industrial and metal. Check out latest demo Merciless. Lives up to it's name! Face melting goodness.

That's all I got for this week. There's so much good stuff flowing through the audio portal. Seriously you guys are kill'n it.

Went to a wedding this weekend and wasn't able to make a newspost from my phone so I'm making it now! Again there's loads of great people on NG but I'm featuring people who are actively posting material here. I probably missed some great ones so share em if you got em!

Here's what I've got for you this week:












Audio Portal Follow Friday!

2017-08-25 15:30:59 by ZStriefel

If you don't already follow these people you should cause they're making bangers on the regular. There's a lot of people missing from this list, I just grabbed all the people in my recent feed. Leave suggestions on new people to check out in the comments too, I don't troll the audio portal enough to catch all the gems but I know there's tons.