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New projects, Old projects, and ranting!

2017-03-31 12:46:19 by ZStriefel

I was scrolling on my twitter feed while eating breakfast and saw this video:

It made me feel nostalgic and proud and I just need to rant about NG for a sec.

There's something really special about this community. I have a few non-NG friends who have remarked a few times "hey isn't it weird that all the big youtube animators know each other? like there's a weird club?"

Uh yeah bro, it's NG!

I actually owe a lot of who I am today to Newgrounds. Newgrounds has been like a golden ticket to opportunity for me on numerous occasions. Just about every major opportunity I've had either came directly through newgrounds via the BBS or newsposts, or through NG alumni and sometimes I'll work with someone I don't know and find out down the road they used to post media here. The power of community is insane. The power of THIS community is staggering.

The point I'm trying to make is that some major events in my life have been linked to this place in some form or another. I can't thank @TomFulp enough for keeping the torch burning so long for all of us. This place feels like home. I gush every time someone brings up newgrounds. To anyone who made it this deep into the post.. cherish this place. Become a supporter if you can. The relationships and alliances you build here are worth more than gold.





In case you didn't know, PARTY PANIC is on steam and we're gearing up for a HUUUGE update. Party Panic is a 1-4 player party game of madness. Check it out, or don't!

PP is a 2 man project. My buddy @DMeville (twitter) and I met here on NG back in 2009 and we've been making games together ever since. We're still in early access but we're chipping away. And when I say we, I mean Dylan is working 18 hours a day and I send him memes and help break stuff. My job is MOSTLY over, but with some new features I've been doing some new music and sounds this week, felt really good to get back to work on PP.





Tower Fortress is like if you jammed megaman, castlevania, and metroid together and simplified the core elements to make a deformed yet beautiful baby. I am SO FREAKING PUMPED for this to come out. I'm wrapping up some last minute sound effects over the weekend and then I believe I'm finished with my contribution. I've had an absolute blast working on this. I'm working on this one with @keybol - the mastermind behind kill the plumber, pretentious game, and probably dozens of other games you're familiar with. I believe we're gearing up for release within the next few months here so stay tuned!




Theropods is a point and click adventure game set in prehistoric times. A while back, @valerofond, @tinystuffz and I got together and did a game jam and we decided to turn our project it into a full blown game! We're working hard and should have updates soon. Follow the game page on twitter for updates and gifs!!




I've been sitting on this for a while, but the boys at Entertainment Forge are at it again with a new title! I've been working with them off and on for about 6-7 months doing some music and sound design. Not sure when release is expected but there's a lot of work to do yet. Check out their facebook page for updates!




Aside from my contract/freelance work, I've been working on ANOTHER side project called Shiver. Shiver is a spooky podcast. That's about as deep as I can explain right now. I would like to shout out to everyone who submitted their voice demos, we are no longer looking for voice actors! Unfortunately we will be putting this project on hold for a few months but we WILL BE KICKING THIS INTO GEAR THIS YEAR. STAY TUNED.


You can follow me on twitter "@ZStriefel" for updates on random stuff! Mostly reposting and bad jokes, and on Twitch where I occasionally work on stuff!


News!! - Tower Fortress, Party Panic, LOOKING FOR VOICE ACTORS!! $$$

2016-12-01 09:30:28 by ZStriefel

Tower Fortress was Greenlit on Steam! I'm extremely excited to finish working on this, I will be posting the final soundtrack here on newgrounds once I've finalized everything! 2874200_148059179152_TXkO32v.png

Check it out on the greenlight page if you're interested in learning more about this awesome throwback.



Party Panic in case you didn't know is the love child of myself and Dylan Meville

We first met here on Newgrounds when we did the Talk like a Pirate day contest back in 2009. I made a stupid song and he animated it.

We've been working together ever since and have grown in our respective fields so much since then. Can't tell you how amazing it feels to be goofing around like this with my best friend.

We just added a new update! More stages and extended play time!






I'm really excited about this. This is something I've wanted to do for years and I'm finally starting to make it happen. I was hoping not to announce until there was content to be shared but I'm in the need of some voice actors!

The project is called Shiver - a bi-week audio drama podcast in the vein of twilight zone/black mirror. We're not really sharing anything more than this yet but feel free to follow us on facebook and twitter for updates!


What we want from you:

We don't currently have a script ready for auditions but I personally would rather just hear your character reels.

- Your character reel

- Your rate

- Your availability (do you have a busy work/school schedule?)

- Any info you think would be helpful (links to past projects/you have super powers/etc)


I'm going to be posting a job listing a few different places. I already have a pool of voice actors I work with regularly but I'm looking for more people with wide ranges. Because of this, we expect the volume of submissions to be high. So to help us out, consider submittig your reel as if 5000 people are submitting and you want to be found easily.

Email subject: "Your name - Character Reel"

File name: YourName_CharacterReel.mp3

send your demo to shiverpodcast@gmail.com 



That wraps up everything I'm allowed to talk about that's been going on since the last news update! 


Party Panic Online Multiplayer Beta Release and News Update

2016-10-18 09:24:10 by ZStriefel

Lets start off with some BIG NEWS:


Party Panic is now 20% off to celebrate our latest feature: Online Multiplayer! We're going to stream some online gameplay on twitch this week and we might give away some steam keys! Be sure to follow Dylan and myself on Twitch to get notified when we stream! 


Last week Tyler and Justin released Sentry Knight Tactics! I did some sounds and music for them and had an absolute blast doing it. These guys are so talented, go check this game out.



Another game I'm working on right now is Tower Fortress! We're trying to push this through greenlight right now, give us a thumbsup if it looks cool to you!




Back in April @valerofond , @tinystuffz , @seethingswarm , and I got together for a game jam. We made THEROPODS! We're getting a new demo together for a big announcement!! Follow Theropods on twitter and facebook for the latest updates on art, music and more!

There's a lot of other stuff going on but I'm not sure what else I'm allowed to talk about publicly so I'll leave off here for now.



I don't know how much I should share yet since everything is super up in the air, but I am working on a show that we're hoping to release monthly episodes. The most I'll say now is if you like the Twilight Zone and radio dramas you're going to be in for a treat. I'm trying my creative director hat on for size, we'll see what happens. Nothing major to talk about yet, we're still figuring out logistics but I will be bringing this up in a newspost soon with more information!! I'm super excited about it.



I have plans to work on a new song for the 2016 Halloween Spooktacular! I'm not sure if I'm going to have time but I have every intention to participate, we'll see what happens! 


That's all for now! I miss you newgrounds, we don't get to hang out enough these days. I'm going to try to make more regular updates on here. You guys are my people. Nobody gets me like NGers <3.



Nearly 8 years ago I met a dude on newgrounds and we've been making stuff together ever since. We spent the last several years doing the freelance/contractor grind, doing our own small projects on the side. Our latest project is Party Panic!  A local multiplayer mini-game roulette featuring deranged hellions voiced by the amazing Josh Tomar 

We're now trying to get Party Panic on Steam! If this game looks cool to you, give us a thumbs up!


Newgrounds artists! WE WANT YOU! [Paid gig!]

2016-04-27 02:14:04 by ZStriefel

I've been working on a game with my old newgrounds buddy DMeville called Party Panic, and we're looking to have a few small illustrations made for a greenlight campaign!

We have a few ideas of what we'd like, but we're open to ideas in terms of composition/what the characters are doing in the illustration, etc. The game is a silly party game, with loveable but slightly deranged characters called goobers. 

What we're looking to have done:

  • One illustrated banner we can use for promo and on the games page (in the same vein of something like this)
  • One illustration of each of the four main characters in some stupid pose on a transparent background here's one Dylan mocked up that we can use as paragraph headers (we'll add text beside the characters) in the about the game section. These individual illustrations could be all combined to make the big banner potentially.

If you think you'd be a good fit for this send Dylan an email at info[at]dylanmeville.com with something like Illustrator in the email subject line.






Theropods OST

2016-01-18 11:39:35 by ZStriefel

You can now listen to the full (lol makes it sound huge. it's 3 tracks :P) soundtrack on youtube, and soon the NG audio portal (once I find my external HD..whoops)

if you haven't played Theropods yet, go check it out! 

Also be sure to follow the project on twitter and facebook for updates! THERE WILL BE UPDATES.. eventually. 


We're not done with this project! We're all just a little busy with things at the moment.. In the mean time, enjoy!


Happy New Year!

2016-01-01 08:07:41 by ZStriefel

2015 was a super weird year for me..

I started the year off strong and then slunk into a funk. 

At some point I got super depressed about being 25 and my life revolving around work and not having much to show for it and went batshit crazy and thought "I should just drop everything I built the last few years and get a real job" AND I TOTALLY DID. For some reason I thought it was going to be a fantastic idea to apply to a bunch of places and just do something that wasn't game audio related and that was going to fix everything..

So I got a job working as an electronics associate at a Wal-Mart and LET ME TELL YOU it blew. It blew really really fucking hard. I started hating my life a lot more! But I did enjoy that I now had a lot more free time and that I could actually LEAVE work. 

I started questioning who I was, what I was doing, what I was going to do.. Started thinking about going back to school and doing something else that I would hate but would pay more blahblahblah

And then a few months ago Jazza shot me a message on facebook saying he was going to be in California and wanted help with a project he was doing and I was like "Aye, we've been talking about getting together for years and never do and now I have all this time that I never had before. Lets do this!" so I did and we got to hang out with some freaking fantastic people like the Tomars, and El-Cid, and got to hang out at Game Grumps HQ and meet those guys.. And on the plane ride back home I was thinking about how awesome it was to be around creative people again and listening to everyone talk about these awesome projects they were working on..

When we were at the GameGrumps studio, I was sitting on the floor watching Brent play Battlefront and he was talking to Arin (Aaron, Erin, Aron, Arin? fuck who knows) about something and I don't remember the particulars of the conversation but it was something about whether or not something had a chance to be successful and Brent says "Do you know how diamonds are made? Heat and pressure. You have to constantly be applying heat and pressure or you'll get nothing" and it was like lightning hit me. I doubt this guy even remembers my name but I will always remember what he said that day. I was depressed about the status of my life but I wasn't doing anything to actively improve it. I stopped applying heat and pressure and all I had was some dull rubble. 

When I got home, the next day I had to go to work and I just couldn't stop thinking about it.. That trip was like an awakening. I suddenly remembered who I was and what I was supposed to be doing. 

I'm not a freakn electronics salesperson. That's not who I'm supposed to be. For some reason I forgot about that.

So I quit that job. 

So am I better off than I was 6 months ago? Did I find magical opportunities? Not really. But you know what.. I've seen the other side and I'm really fucking grateful I have the option to tell it to fuck off. 


Resolution for 2016? Be me. 



2015-06-15 04:43:50 by ZStriefel

If you enjoyed Theropods, make sure you check out the facebook page! We're cooking up some ideas! Stay tuned!




I'm in the cool kids' club now!

2015-02-19 15:48:39 by ZStriefel

Yesterday I was going to make a fp post about how everyone should go check out the Sheep Collab and found out that I couldn't make fp posts! After whining on the forums about it, @Tom granted me access to the cool kids' table. Can't wait to abuse the privilege.