Entry #13

New projects, Old projects, and ranting!

2017-03-31 12:46:19 by ZStriefel

I was scrolling on my twitter feed while eating breakfast and saw this video:

It made me feel nostalgic and proud and I just need to rant about NG for a sec.

There's something really special about this community. I have a few non-NG friends who have remarked a few times "hey isn't it weird that all the big youtube animators know each other? like there's a weird club?"

Uh yeah bro, it's NG!

I actually owe a lot of who I am today to Newgrounds. Newgrounds has been like a golden ticket to opportunity for me on numerous occasions. Just about every major opportunity I've had either came directly through newgrounds via the BBS or newsposts, or through NG alumni and sometimes I'll work with someone I don't know and find out down the road they used to post media here. The power of community is insane. The power of THIS community is staggering.

The point I'm trying to make is that some major events in my life have been linked to this place in some form or another. I can't thank @TomFulp enough for keeping the torch burning so long for all of us. This place feels like home. I gush every time someone brings up newgrounds. To anyone who made it this deep into the post.. cherish this place. Become a supporter if you can. The relationships and alliances you build here are worth more than gold.





In case you didn't know, PARTY PANIC is on steam and we're gearing up for a HUUUGE update. Party Panic is a 1-4 player party game of madness. Check it out, or don't!

PP is a 2 man project. My buddy @DMeville (twitter) and I met here on NG back in 2009 and we've been making games together ever since. We're still in early access but we're chipping away. And when I say we, I mean Dylan is working 18 hours a day and I send him memes and help break stuff. My job is MOSTLY over, but with some new features I've been doing some new music and sounds this week, felt really good to get back to work on PP.





Tower Fortress is like if you jammed megaman, castlevania, and metroid together and simplified the core elements to make a deformed yet beautiful baby. I am SO FREAKING PUMPED for this to come out. I'm wrapping up some last minute sound effects over the weekend and then I believe I'm finished with my contribution. I've had an absolute blast working on this. I'm working on this one with @keybol - the mastermind behind kill the plumber, pretentious game, and probably dozens of other games you're familiar with. I believe we're gearing up for release within the next few months here so stay tuned!




Theropods is a point and click adventure game set in prehistoric times. A while back, @valerofond, @tinystuffz and I got together and did a game jam and we decided to turn our project it into a full blown game! We're working hard and should have updates soon. Follow the game page on twitter for updates and gifs!!




I've been sitting on this for a while, but the boys at Entertainment Forge are at it again with a new title! I've been working with them off and on for about 6-7 months doing some music and sound design. Not sure when release is expected but there's a lot of work to do yet. Check out their facebook page for updates!




Aside from my contract/freelance work, I've been working on ANOTHER side project called Shiver. Shiver is a spooky podcast. That's about as deep as I can explain right now. I would like to shout out to everyone who submitted their voice demos, we are no longer looking for voice actors! Unfortunately we will be putting this project on hold for a few months but we WILL BE KICKING THIS INTO GEAR THIS YEAR. STAY TUNED.


You can follow me on twitter "@ZStriefel" for updates on random stuff! Mostly reposting and bad jokes, and on Twitch where I occasionally work on stuff!



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2017-03-31 18:44:00

That video is top 17 on trending boi!

ZStriefel responds:

Hell yeaaaaa!


2017-03-31 18:45:06

Thanks for all the kind words about NG! What a nice day this has been :)

ZStriefel responds:

noo THANK YOU! :)


2017-03-31 20:44:27

That's so cool to see that everlasting parallel of the impact Newgrounds has made on everyone. Same here, I wouldn't be the same person I am today without NG! Looking forward to seeing your stuff this year man, and keep me posted on Shiver :)

ZStriefel responds:

Yeah, man. I think it's a similar story for a lot of people. This place is where legends are born haha. Yeah dude!! I will actually be sending you an email pretty soon here :)


2017-04-30 23:23:48

Dude, I to this day have "second star to the right" on my daily playlist, and i still love listening to it, even after all those years! Never stop doing stuff, bro.