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How do you find your groove?

Posted by ZStriefel - 3 days ago

There's a mode of being where you're barely thinking about what you're doing and everything is clicking just right. Things just flow through you. Some people call it their "groove", some people call it "being in the zone", being "on fire", pick your nomenclature. 

This feeling/mode is so hard to get into and so easy to slip out of for me. But if it grabs me at the right time, I can stay in it for hours and be more productive and creative than usual.  

That mode finds me, I don't know how to cultivate it. But people say they can. 

Do you know how to get yourself into that groove? How do you get there?


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I have been out of the zone for a couple weeks now. I was making progress on the game I am working on every day. Then I just stopped. There was a Clarissa Explains It All about being in the zone but I don't remember how it ended. Maybe that episode holds the key. *Googles that episode instead of actually working on it.*

Yeah I got fucked up burnt out after working on my latest animation for seven months then going directly to the next thing- could barely focus and am trying to get my groove back too. You gotta deal with the things bothering you/ getting up early helps

Keeping busy and going from task to task gets me there. So long as I have minimal time floating off and doing nothing, I can stay productive as hell!

Don't continually push yourself in projects you've lost interest in. I did that and wound up not picking up an instrument for over 5 years.
I'm now paying for it with a serious decline in technique in my bass & guitar playing.
You can always go back to something, if you've lost inspiration.(unless you're getting payed for it)

Do nootropics

Have you tried them before? I see adverts but it seemed kinda hokey to me. They legit?

Playing with other people normally does it for me. Drumming can be rather trance-inducing and I play drums normally -- not for the trance, but because it's my passion -- and I feel myself in the groove, both figuratively and literally.

I find that meditation has helped tremendously. It cultivates balance in the mind so that you can find that sweet spot between focus an relaxation. Meditation is kind of like training your mind and teaching it how to find that flow. Its not spiritual or religious, though for some people it is, its just training for the mind. If you're interested, I recommend checking out the Headspace app and their guided meditations.

I highly recommend it, as it got me through a very tough time, and benefited every part of my life.

Meditation is great. I definitely need to work that into my daily routine

set a timer for 5-10 minutes (or another tiny amount of time) and commit to working for just that short time period each day. usually by the time the alarm goes off you'll be in the groove. the hardest part is just getting started in the first place. once you've been doing that for a few weeks it will become routine and you'll get right into the groove as soon as you sit down to work, because now it's a habit like brushing your teeth instead of a fleeting emotion like waiting for inspiration

Definitely worth trying, thanks!

I have a playlist I've built up over the years, where it's mostly whole albums lined up. They usually go for about an hour each, and they've been chosen because they're really good at supporting a working energy. If that music is playing, I have to be working on the thing. I have to pause it if I'm not.
The challenge is to see how far into the playlist I can make it every day.

yeah. the albums are in the same order, so I've listened to the first album hundreds of times. But it's like my aligner. As soon as I hear that first song start to play, I'm in work mode.

I know how much work I get done because of how far into the playlist I am, and I've structured in break times for myself in the gaps between albums.

So to answer your question, i use grooves to get into grooves.

I've never been able to find it. It always finds me.

Eurobeat. Lots of eurobeat.