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sweet game!

I really dig it! simple controls, nice artwork, tasteful music. All around visually, it was quite nice. I loved the color choices. The music was fantastic, I think some sounds would have been nice, but overall i think the absence of sound made it quite unique. The music really carried it through!

The gameplay was good, but I felt that there should have been upgrades for the player such as an AOE or something because it's really quite easy to get overwhelmed by an onslaught of "goons". It definitely feels like a survival game. I only got passed the second boss. After that I died horribly.

I read that this was kind of a revival so I doubt you have much use for criticism and honestly I don't think you guy need it cause the game is really quite good.

overall great game!


I saw this game on FGL a while back and I've been waiting for it to come out! I absolutely love this game. I'd like to see this on a console.

Everything is amazing. The music, the art, and the game feels amazing. Everything just flows perfectly. There's never ending momentum.

Joelasticot responds:

Thanks man! We put a ton of work on presentation and polish, I'm glad it shows

worth the wait

Finally writing a review, I wanted to hold off until I was 100% complete and now that I am.. I'm glad I waited.. Because there's just so much to comment on. In total I spent about 8 hours stretched across 4 days to complete this. (I'm not very clever.)

The first thing I thought when I got in was "what the hell kind of game is this? Where do I go? what do I do? this is kinda weird.." but it was that very WTF feeling that made me want to keep playing. All I could think about was "I got to find out what the hell I'm supposed to do". Then I found a message from the Oarbor. As I followed along his tale, I was being sucked in. My curiosity was at an all time high as I found an artifact for the first time.

The stories that intertwine, The puzzles, the hidden treasures, all led to the most satisfied and accomplished feeling I've felt from a flash game ever. I'm very happy to have played this game, and I've gotta say.. I'm really going to miss visiting looming.
If I had one wish, it would be that you keep making these amazing games. You have a fan for life.


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Saminat responds:

Thanks Zach!

glorious return! still kill'n it, man. sounds great.

Absolutely gorgeous. I don't know what to say except I wish it were longer! Fantastic work.

Fretzone responds:

Thank you very much :)

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I can hear that sweet level theme right now! This is my favorite MS level. Really awesome work :D

funymony responds:

YEEEE~! I was listening to Metal Slug covers while working on this. GOOD STUFF

smells like a NG premium icon set to me! love it

Radaketor responds:

Th-thank, senpai.

such a huge fan of your work! whatever this is I want more!

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